Presenting a world that speaks of perception, light and matter, the Italian artist Delfina Giannattasio explores the tactile materiality of painting. Even though her style displays the influence of a variety of painters-from J.M.W Turner to the Impressionists, Giannattasio revisits such legacy through the lens of abstraction.

Giannattasio’s sensitivity to the dimension of space dates back to her formation as an architect. As an artist, she breaks the rules, transforming the physical reality into an emotional one. Yet the materiality of her works–acrylics, sand and layers of gold, amongst others–represents an ever-present reminder that the inner space within us must be in constant balance with the outer world. This bond with nature and the natural environment goes back to her life experiences in the family nursery, where she has her studio. 

Giannattasio has explored a wide range of media, including watercolour, oil and acrylic painting on canvas, paper and other materials, drawing, ceramics and photography. The genres span from animal portraiture and nudes to abstract landscapes.


Delfina Giannattasio lives and works in London, UK and Rome, Italy.

Celeste Baracchi



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